The NADA Brand

Firstname: Nada

Nada makes her first bag from a young age, using the fabrics from her great-grandmother's trade. School graduate Duperré, Nada spent several years in Asia where she enriched her experience in the world of fashion.

From 2009, she opened her boutique workshop in Paris with her companion Jean-Baptiste.

A recognized brand

Since its creation, Nada has received several awards:

Origami for inspiration

Nada is a pioneer in the manufacture of seamless bags and pouches. Its origami folding technique is inspired by nature.

We are constantly improving our assembly techniques to offer you unique and solid pieces.

Hand crafted

All the bags are made by hand, in our Parisian workshop.

No surprise label: Our synthetic materials are sourced in the Loire Valley, France. They are made of unused materials from highly technical industries (car making and furniture). The properties required by these industries assure ou bags quality, durability and strength. Our leathers come from the best European tanneries.

Atelier Boutique

In 2009 Nada moved to 5 Rue Sivel in the 14th district of Paris.

In the workshop, Nada makes the various bags for the collection. In the shop, she advises and offers the creation of unique and personalized pieces according to your desires.

Our desire is to be transparent with you, contact us if you have questions.